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Wireless vibration sensors

  • Ultra-Low Power Wireless Vibration Sensors

Broadsens wireless vibration sensors are ultra-compact and have the highest battery efficiency in the industry. They also deliver high performance for vibration monitoring thanks to the innovative design.

Broadsens has a large selection of advanced wireless vibration & temperature sensors. Broadsens's wireless vibration sensors include:

  • SVT-A series sensors that collect triaxial raw acceleration data for advanced vibration analysis
  • SVT-V series sensors for real-time vibration monitoring and easy usage, and
  • SVT-C series sensors with external power supply cable

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  • Broadsens Wireless Gateways

Edge-computing gateways GU200S and GU300 support Broadsens ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors. The gateway integrates 1.5GHz ARM Cortex quad-core processor with advanced data analysis ability. Vibration data can be visualized through a web browser in real time for quick time domain vibration analysis. Broadsens wireless gateways not only integrate FFT vibration analysis function and machine condition trend analysis function, but also have up to 128 GB large data storage. The gateways can divide the ultra-low power wireless vibration sensors into multiple groups to monitor different zones/areas.


  • BroadVibra - Vibration Sensor Control & Analysis Software

BroadVibra software is installed inside Broadsens's wireless gateway, and can be accessed with web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge from computers through network. There is no subscription fee for the software and there is life time license for the software. The software controls data collection of wireless vibration and temperature sensors, save data to the database, review the history data, export data, and send data to clouds based on user's request.




  • Mounting accessories

Wireless vibration sensor mounting accessories include magnet mount, mounting pad and mounting stud. Magnet mount has H-shape legs that allows the wireless vibration sensors to be mounted on both flat and curved areas quickly. Mounting stud offers the most reliable long-term mounting solution. Mounting pad can be bounded with epoxy to the structure and allows the sensor to be removed easily.



GatewayDatasheet.pdf / Manual.pdf

Wireless Vibration Sensors : 

SVT-A series low-power wireless vibration sensor datasheet

SVT-V series low-power wireless vibration sensor datasheet

Wireless vibration sensor mounting accessories

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