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Smart Home and Building

A home and building automation solution is designed for home and building basing on smart systems.
It allows you to control and manage lighting, shading, HVAC, music player ,TV, security system or more features in your home or building.  
Our solutions are designed to deliver convenience, comfort and energy efficiency for you.

HDL offers smart home automation solutions so that you can create your ideal living space. 

Smart home technologies can naturally merge into your daily life. 
HDL connects your lights, curtains, air-conditioners and other devices into the system, and allows you to control them on a mobile phone, tablet or wall panel. 
Complete and integrated smart home experience.

Lighting Control

We make lighting control simpler and more interesting. Apart from turning ON/OFF the lights, you can adjust the brightness, light color and color temperature as well with HDL.

Shading Control

The system is able to control curtains and blinds. You can always find the right solution for your windows. Intelligent shading control creates a balance between natural and artificial light sources. This allows a home to maximize and harmonize the lighting effectively.

Audio & Video Devices

Your audio and video devices can also be linked with “Scenes”. For example, Dinner Mode can go with a piece of soft music while controlling the lights over the dining room. 

Safety & Security

HDL provides an extensive range of sensors and modules that can be integrated into your security system. Meanwhile, with the HDL smart home automation system, you can check your home's status from anywhere in the world and be notified when your system detects a threat.

Remote Control

Take charge of your home from anywhere in the world. When you are on vacation and can’t remember whether you turned the television off? Don’t worry. With HDL smart home automation system, you can use your iOS or Android device to control every automated element in real-time within your home.

Scene Control

Scene control provides excellent convenience to control multiple devices. You are just one button away from setting the perfect ambiance for your activity. For example, you can create a “Romantic” mode, when you select it, the system will close curtains, turn on color lights and play soft music

Timing Event

From opening your curtains in the morning, to irrigating the plants in garden, a scheduled event can be preset to take place at any time. 

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