Smart Video Surveillance

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Smart Video Surveillance

Smart video surveillance enables the monitoring of activity, behavioural patterns, or any other change in environmental conditions.

Smart video

Smart VCA

•    Advanced AI engine for people detection, dramatically reduces the adverse effects of distraction by small animals, light rain, lighting changes, etc.

•    Higher accuracy and fewer false alarms.

•    Multiple event rules for different application scenarios.

•    Video Content Analysis (VCA) detectors for Intrusion, Loitering, Line Crossing, Unattended Objects, Missing Objects, Face Detection, Crowd Detection, and Running Detection.

Smart VCA

Smart Motion Detection

Precise Detection of People Activities with People detection, only people activities will serve as event triggers, while swaying vegetation, vehicles passing by, or animal activities in the scene will no longer trigger such events. This helps reduce false alarms , and avoids the time wasted for security staff to verify triggered but false events.

Smart Motion

Facial Recognition

• Facial Detection and Recognition

• Real-time Display of Face Snapshot and Data

• Forensic Face Search and Evidence Export

• Display or Export Search Results in Listing & Chart View

• Trigger Alarm and Action with Preset Criteria

Facial Recognition

License Plate Recognition

• Capture Vehicle Speed up to 155MPH (250 km/h)

• One Camera Covers Both Scene Overview AND LPC View

• One Camera Covers Dual Lanes

• Supreme Anti-Glare Capability

• Easily Integrated with 3rd Party LPR Software

• Certified by Numerous LPR Software Manufacturers around the World

License Plate Recognition

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