M-system MSP/MRP series

Open Network connection type actuator will supply you reducing space and wiring. Actuator MSP series is M-system products. MSP can direct connect CC-Link & Device Net ( Other network also available.).

When you would like to control 6 actuators, you have to connect 6 wire to controller (PLC, etc .) if you select analog connection. In case of using MSP series, you only have to connect “1” line to controller. MSP series can reduce your wiring labor and it’s space. Especially control actuator number is increasing , Reducing rate is increasing.

Application : Waste Incinerator, Dyeing machine temperature control,Steel plant oxygen injection control, Air separation unit, Sterilizer, Water purification plants : treated water line and Ozone injection, boiler feed water system

Connection to Open network

Kyouei is distributor of M-system in Thailand

Open Network connection type motorized actuator

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