Delta OHM : Passive temperature transmitters for Solar Panel


Delta OHM HD4907TFP

HD49.. passive temperature transmitters complete with contact temperature probe for solar panels with 5 or 10m cable, 1/3DIN thinfilm Pt100 sensor.
HD49… is available with passive 4..20 mA output. Versions with analogue
output provide a signal suitable to be transmitted to a remote display, a
recorder or a PLC. The versions with RS485 output are suitable for connection
to a PC or a PLC. Probe operating temperature: -40…85°C. Working temperature of the electronics: -20 °C…+60 °C.Power supply: 12…40 VDC

Follow the connection schemes shown below, the maximum load resistance that can be connected to each 4…20mA output depends on the power supply Vcc applied, according to the relation:
RLmax = (Vcc-12)/0.022, e.g. if Vcc=24Vdc the max load is RLmax =545 ohm


Ordering Code

HD4907TFP. (1) (2)

(1) Cable length

CodeCable Length
Cable length

(2) LCD Display

Lwith LCD Display
without LCD Display

Solar Panel Temperature Transmitter
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