Soil and Air Temperature probe

The temperature probes measure the air and/or soil temperature by a 4-wire Pt100 sensor.
They are provided with a protective screen which allows to detect the temperature without that the
measurement is influenced by solar radiation. The position of the sensor inside the screen is such as to
prevent it from being invested by radiation. The screen is made of Luran S777K thermoplastic
material, UV-resistant, with low thermal conductivity and high reflection.
There are single probes available, for themeasurement of only air or soil temperature, and a double probe for simultaneous measurement of the air and soil temperature.

Measuring Point : Temperature of Air and 50 mm from Soil.

Sensor is fixed by metal spike.


  • Element : R.T.D. (PT100) 4 Wire
  • Class : 1/3 DIN (30 Deg C +-0.11 Degc )
  • Operating Temp. : -40 to 80 Deg C
  • Temperature Drift : 0,003 %/°C @ 20 °C
  • Cable : 2m, 5, ,10m

Soil and Air Temperature detector
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