GEAR LESS PRESSURE GAUGE for big compressors




  • Long life time by liquid leaking won’t be happened.
  • Easy know indication value in equipment heavy vibrating

Okada Keiki have developed new mechanism for pressure gauge to prevent deflecting right and left by vibration of equipment. There is some pressure gauge can prevent deflecting right and left however Okada keiki’s mechanism is difference with them.

Conventional type bind pointer on gauge by some liquid and resin. Hence pointers always is in stress by liquid and resign, However they cannot remove an essentially problem. It is deflecting right and left caused by vibration from gear in gauges. Okada keiki developed gear less type pressure gauge to solve an essential problem.

Inner of the gauge

Week points of conventional type (Liquid filled type)

Liquid bind pointer on gauge hence needle have force and stress from liquid always. And Liquid filled in gauge will be leaked by time -related deterioration of case and will have vibrating of their pointer. When it’s liquid is leaking , their function will be lost. OKADA KEIKI propose non-liquid filling type. please refer the it’s function and difference with conventional type.

Standard Specification : Bourdon Tube Type Pressure Gauge

  • Dial Size 100mm
  • A.D.C Case
  • Connection 1/2″NPT
  • Class 1.6
  • Brow-Out Disc

**Dial size, Case Type, Connection Type and Location is changeable.

Range (Mpa)Request No
0 to 0.06MGG-KA
0 to 0.1MGG-KB
0 to 0.16MGG-KC
0 to 0.25MGG-KD
0 to 0.4MGG-KE
0 to 0.6MGG-KF
0 to 1.0MGG-KG
0 to 1.6MGG-KH
0 to 2.5MGG-KI
0 to 4.0MGG-KJ
0 to 6.0MGG-KK
0 to 10MGG-KL
0 to 16MGG-KM
0 to 25MGG-KN
0 to 40MGG-KO
0 to 60MGG-KP
Range and Request No

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