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For over forty years, M-System has been supplying interfacing component devices that connect from the field level up to the controllers in the control room level in the process automation market. Through this long experience, we have acquired a lot of technical know-how of analog circuit designs such as high withstand voltage insulation technology and low-power-consumption and low-noise-emission power circuit technology. They are an indispensable part of modern digital circuit design of our products.

Products Lin up

  • Signal Conditioners
  • 2-wire Signal conditioner
  • Power Transducers
  • Indicators
  • Tower Lights
  • Limit Alarms
  • Gateway
  • Remote I/O
  • Paperless Recording system
  • PC Recorder
  • Web Data Loggers
  • PID control components
  • BA & Energy monitoring components
  • Temperature Controller
  • Final Control Components
  • Lighting Surge Protection

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