Wireless Station
  • Approval : NBTC (Thailand Radio waves Act)
  • Multi-Hop Technology
  • Distance between Stations : 1km
  • Can be connected to 100 Stations (Child)
  • Modbus-RTU Transparent Gateway and I/O

Multi – Hop Technology

Multi -Hop technology solves various challengers of implementing a reliable wireless communication net work

Multi-hop wireless communication is a wireless network conveying data through a number of wireless communication devices in a “bucket-brigade” manner. Relaying paths are automatically switched to an alternative one when one section of the connection is weak. In the KWL40 , up to 100 child stations connect to a single parent station. The communications distance between stations can be up to 1 km , thus making it possible to construct a wireless network in a wide range.

Multi Hop

Over the river ,Over the Load

Instrument Wiring is not necessary. You need only 220V electrical works on both side.

Main Model Code & Specifications

Model NoDescription
KWL40P1920 MHz Band Wireless Station (Parent) ,Power Input 220VAC
KWL40C1920MHz Band Wireless Station (Child),Power Input 220VAC
  • Wireless Gateway ( Modbus/TCP, Nodbus-RTU Trasparent 920 MHz Band )
  • Power Input : 220VAC
  • Serge Protector
  • Communication Standard : IEEE 802.154g
  • Band width : 400kHz
  • RS-485 Communication

Input Signal

0RS-485 only
1RS-485, Analog Input (10V , 20mA) 4 points
2RS-485, Contact Input 18 points
3RS-485, RTD Input 4 points
4RS-485, Thermocouple Input 4 points

Additional Input &Out Put

1Contact Input 8 points
2Contact Input 16 points
3Contact Output 8 Points
4Contact Output 16 Points
5Contact relay output 8 Points
Additional Input and Out Put

Model No Smple

Main Model Code- Code (A)Code (B)

920 MHz Band Wireless instrumentation system
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